Glass Drill Bit

【ALLOY STEEL MATERIAL】: premium ALLOY STEEL quality, glass drill bits provide smooth, accurate drilling in ceramic tile, marble, mirrors, glass, aluminum, concrete and wood.  The durable drill bit must be kept well lubricated for the best possible results.  This is most commonly done by running water over the drilling surface 

【APPLICATION】: Ideal for drilling ceramic tiles, glass, marble, and mirrors.  When drilling hard materials, please use water for lubrication, good cooling can extend the service life of the drill bit.  The glass drill bits are typically used with electric drills to create holes in all these cited material 

【TUNGSTEN CARBIDE TIP】: The ceramic drill bit feature a Tungsten carbide tip for extended bit efficiency and life.  During the process of drilling, the coating rubs away the glass, creating a perfect hole in the material being drilled